They Really Listen To You!

Love this place. Does awesome body work. They really listen to you.

Laura Raines

I Wasn’t Happy, They Made It Right

Initially I was not pleased with the service I received but they went beyond what was expected of them to make it right. My car was returned in better than pre-accident condition! I wasn’t pleased at the length of time they had my vehicle but they did good work and are an ethical business to work with and to me ethics outweigh any the discomforts I felt along the way!

Kendra Limber

Reasonably Priced!

They quickly fixed a flat tire at a very reasonable price. They also did a great job on some body work on my car. They are very friendly.

Linda Maag

I Would Recommend Them to Anyone

I hit a deer and it did over $6000 damaged. I have to admit I got scared cause they had it for 2 1/2 months. But my car looks brand new and they cleaned the inside of my car. I would definitely go back to them again. They also gave me a loner car. I would recommend them to anyone. Good job you guys I love it.

Melinda Seibert

Great For Auto Body Repairs AND Routine Maintenance

Integrity does quality work and has awesome customer service. We’ve had body work done, other repairs, and regular oil changes, etc. there. We’ve never had a problem and the prices have always been reasonable. Loaner cars have always been available when needed as well. I highly recommend Integrity!

Tina Grimes

They Sent A Tow Truck Right Away

I was involved in an accident almost an hour outside of Defiance today. They sent a tow truck immediately to get my car and when I arrived at the shop, they welcomed me and gave me a very nice car to use right away, which saved my day! They deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to, they make everything right. Today could have been a lot worse. But thanks to the fine staff, I was stress free and back on the road in no time! I’ve been telling people all day how amazed I am at the service I received today. I will always be a loyal customer and I will send anyone in need in your direction! Thanks for all that you do! You really saved my day!

Erin Flannigan