To Our Loyal Customers,

Integrity Defiance Auto Body has been around for over 35 years and has developed a great reputation. Yes, ownership has changed hands, but what hasn’t changed is the dedication of the employees of Integrity to continue to give 110% on all repairs, big or small.

The biggest asset that any business has is its employees and the ability of owners and managers to make sure all employees feel they are part of something special. Here, at Integrity Defiance Auto Body, there is no doubt every employee feels they are part of something special and it shows in the pride and dedication they display with each and every customer they greet, vehicle they work on, estimate they write, parts that get ordered or vehicle that is cleaned for delivery back to the customer.

We are very proud to recognize the staff at Integrity Defiance Auto Body:

Sandy Miller, Office Controller, has over 25 years of experience at Integrity Defiance Auto Body and her smiling face brightens up the office staff and she keeps the office always running smoothly. Right by her side is Mary Espinoza as the office receptionist.

George Cooper, Production Manager, has been here for over 17 years making sure your vehicle is being repaired by the right technician on time and accepting nothing short of perfection and repaired to our exacting standards.

We have body techs like Josh Sprow and Mark Borton that have been working for Integrity Defiance Auto Body for 30 plus years combined, taking great pride in their work and accept nothing less than excellence. When we see how they take a vehicle with significant damage and repair it back to pre-accident condition, it’s truly like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

Perry Baker, our painter, and one of the best, has been here for over 14 years and his team of Ed Deible and Tyler Sprow have a combined 30 years of experience in prepping and painting vehicles. With business continuing to grow, we have added more qualified staff to our body shop and service departments.

Within the last year we have added Steve Beavers and Ryan Sprow to our body shop staff as ASE and ICAR Certified body technicians with a combined 50 years of experience.

We have also been lucky enough to hire two of the best ASE Certified Service Technicians in the industry, Rodney Webb and Chris Clark . They bring 50 plus years of combined experience and the pride that we expect and demand when working at Integrity Defiance Auto Body.

Recently joining us is Martin Yoder who started out as a body technician and moved into an estimator position and now works in the office. With his technician experience, he understands what might be hidden damage that could possibly be missed by other estimators in this type of business.

We also brought in a seasoned parts manager, Terri Shook. She ensures we have all the right parts at the right time to repair your vehicle in a timely manner. The technician staff continues to praise Terri on how she has helped getting them the right quality parts on time so that they can complete each vehicle repair efficiently.

And last but not least, we have Jody and Kyle who keep the cleanest shop in the industry and make sure your vehicle is looking sharp and operating as designed.

YES, we appreciate you, the customer, and the loyalty you have shown Integrity Defiance Auto Body. You mean the world to us and we thank you for your loyalty!

We are thankful for our dedicated professional staff for always giving 110% effort because without you, there is no Integrity Defiance Auto Body.


Robert Hoye, the entire Integrity Defiance Auto Body Team and Buster